Below you can download the full template package. Check out for boilerplates to get started with Detector, Manipulator and Templator.

New to Templator?

Templator is a semantic search engine optimized HTML template model for web development, that allows for a complete separation of content, design and functionality. It allows you to build any kind of site or app, for any kind of device. It is fully W3C- and AAA-compliant, lightweight and as flexible as you will ever need. The Templator model is based on a set of best practices deducted over more than a decade of working professionally with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, prioritizing a complete separation of content, design and functionality and full accessibility for both the living and the binary.

Templator markup is supported by all HTML capable browsers allowing you to spread your message across the planet, regardless of end user device. That includes more than mobile phones. The only question left is: What do you want to say?

Beauty of simplicity

The real beauty of this markup model is it's simplicity. It is just doing what you already know, and forgetting those hacks that you have had to acquire along the way. You do not need them anymore. Templator is really easy to implement and works with any modern frontend friendly CMS. It's simplistic and semantic structure makes it easy to read and implement. You can reuse any Templator snippet across different websites and designs and apply functionality as needed. Templator is perfect for both custom and template based websites.

One markup, multiple presentations. This markup is for everyone and everything. It really IS that simple.

Advantages of Templator

  • Your markup works seamlessly in all HTML browsers.
  • Complete separation of Content, Design and Functionality.
  • Finish your clean HTML templates in a matter or hours, not days.
  • Your markup is semantic by nature.
  • Implementation is faster.
  • Frontend is detached from backend development.
  • Update the interface without changing your markup.
  • Fully HTML5 and compliant.

Templator is part of the parentNode family.

Want to contribute?

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