Templator distinguishes between shell elements and content elements. Shell elements being div#header, div#footer and div#navigation - in other words elements which remain more or less static from one page to the next, as opposed to the content which changes.

<div id="content"> <div class="scene"> Content blocks </div> </div>

The div#content is the outermost content wrapper. With Templator the actual content resides inside a div.scene. Templator is designed to accommodate high end, visual experiences using AJAX for updating content. While the div#content element is static, the div.scene is what one would animate and replace when navigating to a new page. In most cases a page only has one scene. In the case of a multiple scene "one pager" website, the additional scenes would be AJAX loaded into whatever page the user accesses first. This page initialization should be controlled by a global JavaScript Page controller.